Flow Management Devices Expanding Operations – Manufacturing Facility Addition and Upgrade

Phoenix-based manufacturer of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers (Small Volume Provers) announces the acquisition of a new building and expanded manufacturing facilities.

Flow Management Devices (FMD) announces the completion of the expansion and update to their manufacturing facilities. The need for additional manufacturing capacity came about due to the overwhelming demand for Flow Management Devices 4th Generation Proving technology.

FMD acquired an adjacent building allowing for expansion of overall available manufacturing space to exceed one hundred thousand (100,000) square feet.  The current building was recently renovated to expand the manufacturing floor, adding additional capacity for assembly, build-out, and testing. The new building houses the shipping, receiving and material management functions, enabling FMD to streamline the production process.

Flow Management Devices (part of the FMD Group of Companies), introduced the 4th Generation Prover Technology at the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement in 2017 and began selling and manufacturing the 4th Gen Prover line as of January 2018.  “We are grateful to our customers for their support of the 4th Gen Prover technology” states Alex Ignatian, CEO of The FMD Group of Companies.  “Our customers are the key to our growth, and with this expansion, we’ve added additional capacity to continue to meet our on-time deliveries and maintain our promise of 100% Customer Satisfaction always.”

Due to Flow MDs growth, FMD Distribution and Service (the sales and service business unit) has expanded sales, service and support functions.  Additions to the team include two additional Field Service Technicians, an Administrative Support person as well as Doug Finley as the Mountain States Regional Sales Manager and Seth Bowman as the Technical Sales Manager.

Business Units of The FMD Group:

Flow Management Devices (Flow MD, FMD) is a manufacturer of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers (Small Volume Provers). Started on the premise “we can do it better”, FMD has become the leader in small volume prover technology.  With the recent introduction of the 4th Generation line of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers, seven (7) patents and two (2) pending, FMD continues to raise the bar in small volume prover design.

Oil and Gas Process Solutions (OAG-PS), the engineering, measurement and sampling system business unit, has strengthened their market position due to continued research and development and the ability to provide new technologies for measurement and sampling as well as the ability to provide unique and customized measurement solutions to their customer base.  A key differentiating feature is OAG’s ability to provide fully functional flow testing with an on-site flow calibration and test laboratory. OAG-PS’s unique approach to providing customers with both sampling and measurement systems designed for their specific needs reaffirms the FMD Group's commitment to 100% customer satisfaction always.

FMD Fabrication Services (FMD-FS) is the machining and fabrication arm of the FMD Group.  Not only do they manufacture and supply key components to Flow MD and Oil & Gas Process Solutions, but also provide parts to customers in the Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial markets. Due to the growth experienced in both Flow Management Devices and Oil and Gas Process Solutions core business, FMD-FS has expanded their facilities, up-staffed, and added new machines.

FMD Distribution and Service (FMD-DAS), the sales and service business unit, supports both Flow Management Devices and Oil and Gas Process Solutions.  Our sales and service team are well respected in the oil and gas industry.  FMD-DAS provides engineering support, maintenance, start-up, repair, and water draw services.   We currently have sales and service offices in Houston, TX, and Pennsylvania, PA and will continue to grow and add additional offices as required.