Flow Management Devices Business Organization Announcement

Flow Management Devices Business Organization Announcement - Restructuring Business Units, Plans to Exit Fabricated Systems
Phoenix, AZ – June 22, 2020

Effective July 2020 Flow Management Devices LLC, a unit of IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX), will be streamlining business operations by merging our four operating companies into a single enterprise.

FMD Distribution & Service, Oil & Gas Process Solutions, and FMD Fabrication Services will merge to become business units operating under the Flow Management Devices, LLC (Flow MD) company name.

“Re-organizing as a single business unit allows us to simplify internal transactions and information flow, facilitating our intent to better focus on the timely and accurate delivery of products and information to our customers,” states Mike Waters, President of Flow MD. “Our sales teams are working with clients to convert existing business contracts, product approvals, and service agreements to the single Flow Management Devices company.”

Additionally, the company is announcing plans to exit the Fabricated Systems market. These products, primarily liquid metering skids, were formerly produced under the Oil & Gas Process Solutions brand.

The company will be focused on a highly integrated product offering to include:
- FMD Prover Products
- FMD Prover Accessories
- Prover Service and Aftermarket Parts
- Sampling and Analytical Systems

“Exiting the fabricated systems business is a strategic decision that allows our company to focus on better supporting and advancing our industry-leading Small Volume Prover product line,” states Steve Stewart, VP of Sales. “We remain committed to our company’s primary goals: produce superior technology and provide world-class customer service.”