Small Volume Prover Insulation Kits

Small Volume Prover Insulation Kits

Flow Management Devices’ Prover Insulation Kits are designed to increase efficiency when meter proving.  Insulation kits minimize environmental temperature fluctuations, maintain a consistent process fluid temperature, and protect against heat loss or sustain cold temperatures.

Pictured above is an FMD Small Volume Prover outfitted with an insulation jacket.  This application is a crude oil measurement application in the Bakken area of North Dakota.  Insulation kits provide temperature stabilization when the meter prover is isolated or offline, allowing the prover temperature to stabilize more quickly.

Most would consider insulation kits for cold climate applications when, in fact, they prove beneficial for hot climate applications as well.  As the ambient outdoor temperature increases, the internal prover pressure also increases. Insulation kits help reduce prover temperature increases and reduce pressure build-up, allowing for more efficient meter proving especially when the prover is offline between provings.

The benefits provided by an insulation kit include:

- Temperature Stabilization

- Maintaining Prover Temperature

- Efficient Meter Proving in Extreme Temperature Environments

Insulation jackets are also beneficial when the outside temperature differs significantly from the product temperature. Some specific applications to consider insulation kits for include, heavy paraffin, heavy crude, and bitumen.  In these applications, insulating the prover to protect from environmental conditions prevents product build-up. On the flip side, using an insulation kit on NGLs will limit pressure increases due to thermal expansion. FMD Cryogenic Provers use a specific insulation jacket capable of maintaining liquid temperatures down to -150oF.

FMDs insulation kits are custom-made for each prover, designed specifically to fit each provers’ unique configuration, providing an excellent tight fit while allowing for easy removal for prover servicing.