Our Mission is Simple: “The Pursuit of Improving Liquid and Gas Measurement Technology.”

Flow Management Devices is made up of over 160 teammates whose goal is to overachieve to produce top quality Provers with the end results of our customers knowing they are purchasing a top-quality product. We accomplish this by being the safest, holding to our quality pledge and undergoing all the certifications needed to maintain industry leadership standards.

Our facility, located in Phoenix, Arizona includes approximately 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. From day one, our engineering and operations team focused on creating the “Next Generation” of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers.

In 2008 we applied for our first patent on Small Volume Provers (SVP) or Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers (UCDP). Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers are designed to calibrate or prove a liquid flow meters accuracy and repeatability under actual operating conditions in the field or calibration laboratories.

In January of 2010 we were granted our first patent based on our innovative Prover design. Since inception, we have 7 patents awarded and a few others pending.

With our commitment to engineering, innovation and design improvements our patented Next Generation Prover was launched. With the recent release of the 4th Generation Proving Technology, we have once again raised the bar in Prover design and technology.

As a company, we believe our customers are vital to our continued success and we strive for Customer Service excellence by continually and relentlessly improving all aspects of our business.

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