FMD Attends ISHM 2022

Flow Management Devices participated in the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement, May 10-12 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

FMD instructed the following classes:

-  Not so Small, Small Volume Prover

-  Discipline of Sizing Provers with Different Metering Technologies

-  Hands On - Small Volume Prover

-  Role of the Witness Gravimetric Water Draw

For their booth, FMD displayed one of their larger provers, the FMD-200.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth, attended our classes, and visited with our team! Thanks to the ISHM Committee for putting together another great school!  Learn more about ISHM.

FMD-045 Small Volume Prover – NGL Application

This FMD-045 #smallvolumeprover was just started up in the Sweeny, Texas area. The application is mixed NGL Blends. The prover’s wetted components are 304 SS with specific PTFE seals designed for NGL applications.

This prover is also equipped with a density kit and pycnometer connections to allow for mass proving.

FMD-130 Small Volume Prover FPSO Application

This FMD-130 Small Volume Prover is in the final assembly stage. The end destination for this Prover is an FPSO project in Brazil where it will be installed in a crude oil application. It will be paired with a 12” Turbine meter on a 16” line. This FMD-130 is ideal for offshore and FPSO proving applications as it is 316 stainless, IECEX rated, with flow capabilities up to 18,500 BPH (2,900 M3H, 13,000 GPM).

FMD Small Volume Provers are an excellent solution for FPSO and offshore applications, providing a small footprint, lightweight, efficient, and accurate solution for custody transfer loading, and unloading applications offshore.

FMD Small Volume Prover Heading to Calibration Lab in Saudi Arabia

Flow Management Devices, LLC (FMD), a unit of IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX), a leading manufacturer of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers, is pleased to announce the recent shipment of an FMD-035 Small Volume Prover to Arabian Industrial Calibration Company(ACC).

ACC is a Saudi-based company that provides flow meter calibration and measurement services to Saudi Arabia.

Small Volume Prover Insulation Kits

Flow Management Devices’ Prover Insulation Kits are designed to increase efficiency when meter proving.  Insulation kits minimize environmental temperature fluctuations, maintain a consistent process fluid temperature, and protect against heat loss or sustain cold temperatures.

2021 – Spring Committee Meeting on Petroleum Measurement Standards

API Spring Committee Meeting - March 8-19, 2021

The 2021 Spring Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards Meeting (COPM) is being presented as a fully, virtual format, and will be open to anyone who wishes to participate.

These virtual meetings will be held over a two-week period, March 8-12, 2021, and March 15-19, 2021. 

Flow Management Devices Business Organization Announcement

Flow Management Devices Business Organization Announcement - Restructuring Business Units, Plans to Exit Fabricated Systems
Phoenix, AZ – June 22, 2020

Effective July 2020 Flow Management Devices LLC, a unit of IDEX Corporation (NYSE: IEX), will be streamlining business operations by merging our four operating companies into a single enterprise.