Crude Oil Sample Pots

Rugged, Reliable, Ergonomically Friendly Crude Sample Pots

Flow MD’s Crude Oil Samplers incorporate a smart, space-efficient, and ergonomic skid-mounted design. Ideal for capturing, storing, and mixing individual samples over time, providing a combined sample representation of long-term pipeline flow. The systems injection mode is programmable for either sample proportion to flow or sample proportion to time. Either option will supply a highly accurate composite sample. Our Crude Oil Sample Pots are available as individual stand-alone units or in multi-vessel configurations.

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FMD Crude Oil Sample Pot Features

  • API MPMS 8.2 Compliant Designs
  • Proportional and representative composite sample(s)
  • Class 1 Div hazardous area compliant
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Long lasting thermoset epoxy internal coating (Corvel or equivalent)
  • Multiple sizes available (5, 10, 15 gallons)
  • Single or multi-pot configurations
  • Compatible with any brand sample pump
  • Quick opening closure (Dome lid or Clay & Bailey®)
  • Compound pressure gauge & vacuum breaker
  • Easy to read sight glass level gauge with quick cleaning ports
  • Perforated stainless steel internal spray bars & in-line static mixer provides thorough wash down and mixing
  • 3/4 H.P motor and centrifugal pump (multiple voltages available)

FMD Crude Oil Sample Pot Options

  • Low level and/or high-high level gauges
  • Digital level gauges
  • Fuel tank style float level gauge
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • On-Skis sampler controller
  • Gear or piston pumps for viscous oils
  • High-pressure pump options available for re-injection into pipeline
  • Zero emissions vapor containment box for sample take-off

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