Mass Proving with FMD Small Volume Provers

Flow MD provides options for Mass Proving. To do this, we modify the existing prover for mass-proving applications with a measurement kit added at the factory. The kit includes a Coriolis meter and other accessories that allow the prover to output your measurement value in mass, providing an efficient and accurate solution for custody transfer applications using Coriolis flow meters.

What applications are ideal for an FMD Mass Prover?

Any application where you are measuring in mass. FMD's mass proving option is ideal for proving Coriolis meters, frequently used in lighter hydrocarbon fluid applications typically measured in mass and transacted in mass. Using this in-situ measurement method provides less uncertainty than other methods.

FMD SVPs ensure accurate and repeatable proving performance and are compatible with most hydrocarbon products.

FMD's SVPs are designed for in-situ flow meters, maintaining stringent quality standards and providing accurate, reliable measurement with minimal product displacement.

Why Choose an FMD Mass Prover?

  • Designed for low pressure loss
  • Density kit easily mounts to downstream end of prover
  • Takeoff and return scoop flanges available
  • Optional density meter insulation jacket
  • Optional full density loop insulation available
  • Pycnometer connections

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Flow MD offers a comprehensive line of Small Volume Provers with flow capabilities from 142 BPH to 35,000 BPH. Need more information about Prover Flow Ranges and Displaced Volumes? Visit our Prover Page.

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