Small Volume Unidirectional Captive Displacement Prover


FMD060 Small Volume Prover

Flow Management Devices’ line of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Small Volume Provers (SVPs) provide exceptional accuracy and rangeability. The FMD-060 is equipped with standard 10” ANSI B16.5 flanges on both the inlet and outlet and a flow range capability of up to 6,000 GPM (8,500 BPH, 1,350 M3H). Flow MDs small volume provers are built with quality in mind while providing exceptional performance and field durability, making the FMD-060 an outstanding choice for your application.

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*Max Flow Rate GPM BPH M3H
6,000 8,500 1,350
*We want to ensure that you get the proper FMD Small Volume Prover for your application. FMD Provers are compatible with most meter types, including Coriolis, Turbine, Helical Turbine, Positive Displacement, and Ultrasonic. Meter type, operating conditions, and fluid characteristics will affect prover sizing.
Please reach out to us to discuss your specific application and the optimal FMD Prover for your application.
Displaced Volume Gallons *Liters
Primary Secondary Primary Secondary
50 40 189 151
*Please Note: Standard prover volume is in gallons, liters are optional. Prover requires non-standard switchbar for liters. Alternate displaced volumes are available for liters, please contact factory for additional information. Liters are a direct conversion and not indicative of Seraphin can sizes.
Std Flange Size Standard Materials of Construction
10” ANSI – 150#, 300#, 600# or 900# 304, 316 - Duplex Stainless Flanges
1200:1 Turndown is typical of normal operations. Turndown ratio can vary significantly depending on installation and process conditions. Actual turndown may be much greater than 1200:1 in some conditions such as water draw, or much less in high pressure, dry product applications such as NGL service.


  • Repeatability: < 0.02% - Exceeds API Standard
  • Performance: Exceeds 0.02% ISO17025 Calibration Lab
  • Uncertainty: Typically 0.004% (Water draw)
  • Pressure Drop: 5 psi at max flow rate of each prover (calculated with water)


  • Conforms to API 4.2 and API 4.6
  • Galvanized frame per ASTM A123/123M-02
  • 3-point installation for secure mounting on uneven surfaces
  • 2” connection flanges for rapid draining
  • 2” vents with check thermowell and pressure verification ports
  • All wetted parts stainless/PTFE
  • Prover Interface Module (PIM) with advanced features
  • Smooth Belt Drive with clutch

Flow Management Devices’ goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction: therefore, we provide the following at no charge.

  • Final Acceptance Testing (Includes: Water Draw, Hydrostatic & Dielectric Testing)
  • Training in our facility during Final Acceptance Testing
  • Free crating per ISPM-15 (Stationary provers and domestic shipments only)
  • One day onsite startup and training


  • ISO 9001/2008
  • ISO 17025
  • CSA/US Class 1 Div. 1
  • CRN
  • ATEX
  • GOST (Russia)
  • Kazakhstan Metrology

All application information should be verified with FMD and will vary due to the meter technology used in each application.

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